Located only 15 minutes from Paris, Efrei is a general engineering school of digital technologies created almost 90 years ago. Efrei delivers a French engineering degree since 1957 and offers French and English courses to foreign students.

The Info Box  
🏢 School Name École d’ingénieur généraliste en informatique et technologies du numérique (Efrei Paris)
🌐 Location Villejuif, France
⚖️ Type Private Engineering School
📆 Course Duration 3 to 5 years
🇪🇺 Erasmus Students Accepted
💵 Price 9200€/year (students from Europe and Africa)
10900€/year (other students)

Located in a small town near Paris in a cozy campus, Efrei is a private engineering school specialized in digital technologies, with different programs for international students. The school was created almost 90 years ago and merged 2 years ago with Esigetel (another engineering school) to become Efrei Paris.

Efrei campus

Digital tech at the center of education

When we talk about new technologies, most of us think about computer science or IT, but Efrei offers a teaching around digital technologies. Thanks to that, students build their own personalized program : they have the choice between 4 integrated “classes préparatoires” and 12 majors covering all digital domains (including 6 in full English, see below).

For international students, Efrei offers a Master of Engineering (or Diplôme d’ingénieur in French), including 3 years of undergraduate education and 2 years at the graduate level.

Efrei’s undergraduate program is composed of scientific and technical engineering courses that are both general, such as mathematics, electronics, computer science or physics. It is a great way to prepare future engineers for their future responsibilities in the professional world.

After this period, students develop and refine their career goals, making them job-ready thanks to different majors, and some of them are completely in English, like : software engineering, finance, big data, business, networks and cloud IT. If you feel comfortable with French, you can also orient yourself in AR/VR, droids, drones, avionics, space, or even renewable energies.

We are committed to training engineers conscious of others and open to the world, combining technical expertise and interpersonal know-how as innovators or entrepreneurs. In order to achieve this result, we are constantly striving to innovate, in a dynamic of digital and pedagogical transformation.
Philippe Volle, Dean of Studies and Research

Efrei campus

A cozy campus

The campus is nice and well placed, you have public transport to reach Paris and other schools nearby as EPITA, Sup’Biotech or Epitech. You will find less expensive accommodation in Villejuif or Kremlin-Bicêtre than in Paris. Le + : The Val-de-Marne department offers a refund of part of your transport costs.

Student life is also active in Efrei campus, with around 50 different clubs, like photography, movies, 3D modeling, aviation, gaming and international (do not hesitate to contact EFREI Int’, which welcomes foreign students in the school).

🌐 International Relation Service 🌐
Christiane Michel
Director of International Relations
Head of Language Department