Not just an open space for entrepreneurs, NUMA is an international hub of more than 300 organizations, including CAC40 leaders and hundreds of startups. Training and follow-up are at the heart of NUMA’s philosophy.

The Info Box  
🏢 Incubator Name NUMA
🌐 Location Paris, France
🔢 Startups incubated 300
🛍 The “Petit plus” NUMA offers a free open-space with bar on the ground floor
💵 Price Free co-working space
Privatization of rooms from 1200€/day

It all started in 2000 with Silicon Sentier, an entrepreneur association with more than 180 partner companies. Their initial objective was to encourage meetings between entrepreneurs and to allow new projects to emerge and floor on the Next Big Thing. The idea was to design a network capable of promoting and facilitating the development of entrepreneurship at the national level, and that’s what became NUMA today.

NUMA is not only an open space for entrepreneurs or small businesses today, it’s a hub of more than 300 organizations, including CAC40 leaders and hundreds of startups - with a presence in Paris, Barcelona, Mexico, Toulouse, Berlin and even New York.


Not only an open-space

The first time I went to NUMA, it was just to have a place where to discuss professionally with other students, entrepreneurs and business leaders. I discovered a free space co-working on the ground floor, with possibility to rent different rooms for private meetings.

My biggest surprise was to discover the “formations”. Today, the challenge is not only to master the technical aspect of a project but also the notions of management, “intrapreneurship”, design thinking and digital marketing. And guess what? That’s exactly what NUMA offers. In fact, we understand quickly that we do not invest only in a HQ or a place to work, but in a long-term support of your project.


“To infinity and beyond”

Regarding the incubation program, NUMA brings its expertise to startups already on the market and having a consequent turnover, for 3.5 % equity participation. NUMA’s philosophy is based on the development of the startups’ business and network, the implementation of a rigorous and effective methodology for executing their strategy as well as long-term support through a mentoring system with experts.

Looking for something fun to do there, to discover the atmosphere of NUMA ? Do not hesitate to visit “La Cantine”, the first collaborative workspace created in Île-de-France Region, where many celebrities have passed to make conferences and exchange with members, like Mark Zuckerberg.

🌐 Contact 🌐
NUMA Paris
39 Rue du Caire
75002 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 13 64 40