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Update (november 2019) : Road To IT won the Gold Medal of the Île-de-France Ambassador Trophy competition 2019, thank you very much to everyone for this amazing award !

Bonjour ✌️

My name is Tom-Eliott and I’m currently studying IT Engineering at EPITA, a French engineering school in Paris. During the first semester of 2019, I went to study, as part of my engineering studies, at the Griffith College Dublin in Ireland.


Guided tour at STATION F for 'Road To IT'

It was an opportunity for me to discover new cultures and places around Ireland. I met many foreign and Irish students to exchange with them about local cultures and about my own country, France.

Proud of my country, my region and my city, I decided to become an ambassador for the Paris Region : Île-de-France. This experience allowed me to inform the students of the possibilities offered today to study in the Île-de-France region, which includes of course the city of lights Paris, but also many other cities, home to startups, incubators, companies and innovative schools specializing in Computer Science and IT.


"First day in Dublin, and first photo !"

I posted an article every week, and I have included in this blog the institutions and incubators I presented to foreign students in Ireland, to allow all students or entrepreneurs from around the world to benefit from this detailed presentation.

What is the Île-de-France region ?

If you are a student abroad, you probably don’t know the Île-de-France region, and yet, it is the 1st tourist region in the world. You probably know one of its main cities : Paris. Paris is the city of lights, one of the most important technological centers in Europe and also a city turned around innovation, design and creativity.

The purpose of the region is to make Île-de-France a “start-up region” and the “Silicon Valley” of Europe.
– Île-de-France, Paris Region

When we talk about the attractiveness of Paris, especially in the field of new technologies, we are actually talking about the attractiveness of the Île-de-France (also called “Paris Region”), which has more than 12 million inhabitants including 663.000 students, nearly 16 universities and 70 grandes écoles (schools of engineering, commerce, digital marketing, etc).

By hosting more than 110.000 foreign students in Île-de-France, higher education institutions (like engineering schools and universities) draw the attractiveness of France, and fun fact : France is the 4th country chosen by international mobility students for their higher education !

What is the purpose of “Road to IT” ?

I made this blog, Road to IT (“Route vers l’informatique” in French) as part of the contest “Trophies student ambassadors of the Île-de-France Region”. The purpose of the contest is to present the higher education, research and innovation ecosystem of Île-de-France to foreign students and researchers, to encourage them to pursue their higher education and/or research work in Île-de-France. After the vote which took place in November 2019, my project won the Gold Medal of this first edition, I wanted to thank all those who helped me develop this blog and hope that it will still be of service to many foreign students !

I present here the main Computer Science courses offered by universities and specialized schools in Île-de-France, but also the incubators that make French startups and companies famous at the national, European and global levels. This is to give an overview of each course, without going into too much detail, by presenting the schools or incubators, how they work, their price, the benefits and give you the opportunity to make your own opinion in relation to your needs.


Prize giving ceremony of 'Trophies student ambassadors of the Île-de-France Region', with a Gold Medal for 'Road To IT'

I provide in each article the contacts of the international services or the reception of the institutions/companies, but if you have any question about my studies in Île-de-France (or even just chatting), feel free to contact me ! 🤟

Nota Bene : The content of this blog is not sponsored by schools or incubators. I have chosen the institutions in relation to my personal experience and the public notoriety they enjoy, without any judgment or preference.
⚠️ To err is human, if you see a mistake, please let me know !