Incubator of the Paris-Saclay cluster since 2005, IncubAlliance’s main mission is to create bridges between startups, companies, labor and research experts within the Paris-Saclay campus, through support, training and hosting services for startups and education stakeholders.

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🏢 Incubator Name IncubAlliance
🌐 Location Orsay, France
🏰 Size NC
🔢 Startups incubated 404 incubated projects and 310 startups created
🛍 The “Petit plus” Incubated startups work closely
with universities and companies from Paris-Saclay HQ
💵 Price NC

Located in the Paris-Saclay campus, a major hub of French innovation and the world’s 8th largest innovation cluster, IncubAlliance has been working for many years on the creation of innovative technology entrepreneurial projects at national and global level. In 2018, IncubAlliance incubated 42 new projects and 18 startups were created : that represents nearly 700 jobs for a survival rate of 95% (over 5 years), which is consistent.

This incubator is the result of many years of questioning about how higher education institutions (universities, engineering schools) should manage their postgraduate students who wanted to start their own business.

By integrating the Paris-Saclay technology cluster, incubated startups work closely with students from neighboring schools or partners, and benefit from the expertise of 15% of French public and private research.

IncubAlliance HQ

Support for startups…

The IncubAlliance program for startups is simple and accurate :

  • Providing a 35-day training program where experts help fine-tune one’s project, in workshop format, before a startup is definitively launched (called GenesisLab).
  • Providing a 22-month support program, which includes coaching and group workshops, to steer startups toward their first product launch and sales (called Incub22).
  • Financing projects throughout the entire incubation period to cover external and outsourced services.
  • Giving an incubation program certification (recognized by France).
  • Offering shared or private accommodation for all teams in the Paris-Saclay HQ.
  • Proposing collaborators and experts from Paris-Saclay universities, companies or laboratories.

Customized offers “Sur mesure” are of course available according to the needs of startups.

IncubAlliance HQ

…And for companies

A developed company can also benefit from IncubAlliance’s advantages, such as :

  • Providing a privileged access to IncubAlliance’s services and the tech startup network.
  • Giving a complete excubation program specially designed for companies’ and institutions’ needs.
  • Providing the GenesisLab program described above.
  • Providing a 8-day program with an introduction to technological entrepreneurship with a project under way (called GenesisLight).
  • Organizing meet-ups between startups, companies and research institutions.

In addition to all this, some programs are eligible for professional training financing solutions. The funding comes mainly from the European Union, the Île-de-France region and the Ministry of Higher Education of France. Regarding the cost, it depends on the needs of startups but on average, it amounts to about 7000€ on the entire program.

🌐 Contact 🌐
IncubAlliance Paris-Saclay
86 Rue de Paris
91400 Orsay
+33 (0)1 77 93 21 00