Epitech (also called European Institute of Technology) is a private Computer Science School with multiple campuses around the world and in Europe. The school offers computer courses to international and exchange students.

The Info Box  
🏢 School Name École pour l’Informatique et les Nouvelles Technologies (EPITECH)
🌐 Location Kremlin-Bicêtre, France
⚖️ Type Private Computer Science School
📆 Course Duration 5 years
🇪🇺 Erasmus Students Accepted
💵 Price 6630€/year to 8580€/year (+ fees)

Based on EPITA computer science courses, Epitech is a private Computer Science School with numerous campuses in Europe and in the world. With more than 5000 students, Epitech uses self-study method, mainly in group projects and with very few hours of theoretical courses, all supervised by students from the higher grades.

Most of the students work from their personal computer and manage their own projects themselves, allowing them to gain autonomy. Unlike EPITA, theoretical scientific subjects such as mathematics or physics are not addressed during the course.

EPITECH campus

Different courses for different profiles

The school has several rooms equipped with powerful computers and the Epitech Innovation Hub offers a place with all the equipment and environment for enthusiasts to design innovative technological solutions.

Epitech offers two main courses. The first, the Bachelor program, takes place in 3 years. You learn the fundamentals using projects and “pools” (rush of programming) : you will have nearly 37 projects in 3 years, as well as management training courses. At the end of the first 3 years, you can continue with the Advanced/Expert program (in 2 years, in addition to the first 3 years), you obtain a postgraduate degree Expert in Information Technology, accredited level 1 by the National Commission for Vocational Certifications, with the possibility of doing a double degree with ISG, a French business school in Paris.

EPITECH campus

An influential student community

Epitech not only shares its campus with EPITA, but also hundreds of clubs. You will find video game, movies, programming, photo clubs and more. Epitech students also have access to a set of common services at the technology campus : network of associations, large cafeteria and more. Epitech also enjoys privileged access to numerous student residences : 2 at the Kremlin-Bicêtre (including one on campus) and another in Villejuif (10-15 minutes from Paris). Le + : The Val-de-Marne department offers a refund of part of your transport costs.

🌐 International Relation Service 🌐
Head of International Education Office
+33 (0)1 84 07 14 12